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Mission of the EKC Farm


We are Jesus following health nuts that are environmentally minded striving to grow nutrient dense food for people in a way that honors our creator, bringing health to the land, air and water as well as plants, animals and people.  

The co-owners of the EKC farm are a couple ragamuffins. Willis and Isabell Loftin are not only business partners but partners in life and are grateful to be on a journey together from self reliance to dependence on God and His Designs.  Jobs, titles, salaries and the world’s promise of happiness through material success and independence proved to be empty, lacking in purpose and merely a thinly veiled justification for self indulgence.
The couple are excited to be starting a new chapter in their own lives and also of their family farm moving into “regenerative” practices in all areas of life.   

From his early twenties to mid thirties Willis’ physical health broke down.  Struggling with more and more food allergies and autoimmune issues, he continued to search for answers often missing some of the most obvious solutions, namely that Food Matters!  Today Willis is healthier than he ever has been as an adult. His strength and energy continue to increase and improve as he is mindful of the quality and kind of food that he consumes. While not reacting to any food today as he did in the past he continues to generally avoid a few key foods that weaken his body. He chooses the highest quality nutrient dense food that enables his body to be strong bringing vitality to life.  Wanting to provide for his family and being frustrated with the process of finding this quality of food, Willis’ desire to produce food for his own family grew.  

Here at the Endless Knot Community Farm we are excited to be transitioning our old family farm into a regenerative farming center.  A source of the highest quality food for our family and friends.

Chickens foraging in hoop house