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Frenched Lamb Rack

Frenched Lamb Rack

one rack, 1.5 - 2.2 lbs
$30.95 /lb.
Avg. 1.7 lb.

For a sophisticated cut of meat that is perfect for a fine dinner, look no further than our 100% Grass-fed Frenched Lamb Rack.
A Frenched lamb rack is the result of a process called "Frenching," which involves the removal of the fat, membranes, and meat connecting individual rib bones. The process creates an elegant centerpiece meat, perfect for sophisticated meals.
We make the process easy for you by Frenching the lamb for you. You can season it, tie the rack together for a "crown roast," and prepare it for a great meal. It might seem complicated, but it is surprisingly easy to garnish, prepare, and enjoy. You can serve the cut as separate chops or double chops.

All our lambs are raised right here on our farm on regeneratively managed pasture. Our lambs are never given antibiotics or hormones and enjoy a rich diet of diverse species pasture. Often lambs are finished by feeding grain, we never feed any grain to any of our grazing animals at EKC Farm. 

It is essential to us that we have confidence in the quality of food that we feed our family and at EKC Farm our goal is to allow you to have the same confidence. We believe in transparency - we are here because our customers trust us. You can review our farming protocols and standards on our website: https://ekcfarm.com/ekcfarm-pr... We welcome our customers to visit us on the farm. If you are interested, contact us through Facebook or https://ekcfarm.com/contact